We recently posted a notice for everyone that our new ACF Pro Chefs Oregon email system is up and running. You have your choice of a forwarding email which will allow you to hand out your ACF Pro Chefs Oregon email address and have any messages sent to that address appear in the inbox you are already using! If instead you would like to have webmail access, all members can utilize an online webmail system if they prefer viewable on the browser of your choice. Click here to go to the webmail or send an email here to Jon to set you up.

In addition, our Facebook account is always avaliable to those who want to check it out.
We are currently looking at possibly an opt in email group for those that want the ability to talk, discuss, ask questions, share and just plain interact with other ACF Pro Chef Oregon members. If you would like to be included in such an email list, please let us know.
Join here or email for more info.

Have an interest in Twitter, KIK, Instagram or other online social media? Please let us know and help us reach more Chefs through these new means of communication.

Donít forget, you can now see who is all signed up for volunteering at the bite here: Sign up Check to see if you name is on the list yet!